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MUIS Zakat Campaign 2016


The Zakat and Wakaf Strategic Unit’s strategic priority is to promote the development of the Singapore Muslim Community by striving to fulfill its social and religious needs. As such, we have set four strategic objectives for Zakat which are:

1) To foster righteous and responsible Amils / Zakat officers.
2) To create a world class infrastructure and service for the Zakat payers.
3) To constantly educate the public on the obligations and virtues of Zakat.
4) To distribute the Zakat in the most efficient, fair and transparent manner as prescribed in the Quran.

We are awarded to run the campaign in the month of Ramadan 2015.
Taking a literal approach to the name, we used direct photos to point audiences in the direction of information regarding the stories of zakat recipients thus to evoke emotions of the readers to contribute the cause. The design uses just two colours in every publication to make it stand out. A total of 6 publications ran throughout the month to promote to cause.
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Visual Design