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Photographix is a creative design studio.
We are passionate in crafting and transforming businesses brands with significant and definitely style.


Photographix is passionate in capturing moments of real and honest images. *with a little pinch of design vibes. -something that itches us always đŸ˜‰

“Communication Design”

We confessed that we are a ‘design geek’. We just love to design!!
Over here, we do not compromise our attention and needs of our clients with our incessant need for expressing our creativity. 
We use strategy and design to help businesses define their brand – to define who they are and how to engage their audience.

“Photography, Design”

We love to bring freshness and relevance to our client’s table. 
It is our intention to develop a close and symbiotic relationship with clients to express their business accurately through our crafted ideas.
We work with businesses, both locally and globally, who are passionate about what they do. We work with businesses we believe in and of course to bring the best in their brand.

Say HELLO to us!

Feel free and meet us to further discuss for any enquiries ( be it design or photography ) without obligations.
Branding services
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